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The Love and Live of the DIGGLAH and his Duchess

DIGG n Duch
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04/10/03, 05/16/03, aim, airport parking lots, alcatrez parking garage, animals, aol, art, astrology, atascadero, bald felines, basketball, beautiful women, bidis, big booties, bmw, bubble baths, bucket hats, butter pecan, california, candles, cats, chameleons, cherry garcia, chinese astrology, chucky, coffee, credit cards, crickets, cuban cigarettes, cuban cigars, dancing, darshan, deep penetration, digg, digglah, dog, dogs, downtown, driving fast, dropkicking small animals, duch, duchess, duchess desiree, duckdown records, dvds, ebay, elizabeth, emotion filled lovemaking, excessive spending, exotic dancing, exotic women, family, ferrari f355 spider, finer things in life, fireworks, florida, frappaccino, fucker!, fucking, gixxer, hbo, heltah skeltah, hennrock, horse, hot wax, hunter s thompson, hurizun, incenses, interracial relationships, jacksonville, jasper, l-r-g, lavendar, law school, lawyer, libra, libra/libra connection, lil kim, livejournal, long distance relationships, love, lucas lanier, making babies, mcgeorge school of law, memphis, mobb deep, movies, moving violations, mr. lucas, msn, music, nice big asses, nudity, obscenities, old people driving, oral sex, parking tickets, passion, phone sex, photography, poetry, pornography, public displays of affection, quiet storm, romeo y julieta, san francisco, san luis obispo, sarcasm, sex, sex and the city, sex in public, slurp it up, smell goods, speedstack, starbucks, stormy weather, street bikes, talkin' shit, text messages, the beach, the river, the tercel, timberland, tinted windows, tmobile, traveling, trillian, triple butter peanut, triple butter pecan, truth, tuna con mustard, university of north florida, university of the pacific, unlimited mobile-to-mobile, vegetarian, vegetarian vagina, violence in the workplace, weightlifting, working out, yahoo